A bit about me

And a 'sort-of' Venn diagram

If I’m one thing, I’m a Digital Creative Director. But I’m also a hands-on designer/creative, so I guess I’m two/three things. Four, actually... I’m an illustrator too. And copywriter. Five! I’m five things. I own an agency too.

OK, so I can imagine, engage, reason, write, pitch, present, brief, encourage, mentor and lead as well as roll my sleeves up to scope, scribble, design, write or animate, wowing your clients with outstanding work.

There, that's me in a slightly messy nutshell.

I am a kids and family audience specialist. I work mainly across the entertainment sector, but I've also been able to bring my slightly childish brain to bear on briefs for FMCG, publishing and tech clients, creating campaigns and content with an emphasis on fun and engagement.

Clients I’ve worked for include Walt Disney Motion Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Flight Club Darts, Xbox, PlayStation, Procter & Gamble, Unilever, Tottenham Hotspur, Microsoft, Lego, the BBC, Hasbro, HarperCollins, Penguin, Alpha Group and many more.


Flight Club

A whole new in-venue digital experience for the award-winning home of ‘social darts’.



For the uninitiated, Flight Club is the new home of ‘Social Darts’, now open across multiple London, UK and international sites. A evolution of traditional darts with a range of digital game-play options, it’s a never-before-seen social gaming experience that’s taking London (and the world!) by storm.

I was lucky enough to be involved in the project from the very early days, consulting on and developing the entire digital experience, including customer on-boarding, game set-up, the games themselves, connected leaderboards, social feeds and admin controls.

Flight Club promo reels

If you’ve never had the priviledge of ‘throwing some arras at the oche‘, here’s what it’s all about!


100+ film campaigns

Digital marketing campaigns and creative for over 100 films.


100+ Films

I’ve been lucky enough to count Disney as a client for the whole of my career and have added Paramount, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox along the way.

Since designing the Mulan website back in 1998, I’ve gone on to design and subsequently lead my teams in producing digital creative across dozens of international, European and UK campaigns - in fact I’ve created content for over 100 films across the major film studios.

While the requirements for each film campaign varies, I’ve been responsible for dozens of campaign websites, literally hundreds of games, display advertising, interactive applications, print collateral and even internal studio presentations, most requiring localisation across more than a dozen territories.

Disney Showreel

A brief snapshot of some of the vast amount of Disney digital markerting content I’ve been responsible for across UK, European and Global campaigns.



Dozens of print, social and DOOH campaigns



Since starting a relationship 6 years ago, my agency Remo Creative has become the ‘preferred creative agency’ for HarperCollins Children’s Books.

Working across digital, print and POS, I lead the team in producing campaign collateral most notably for David Walliams titles (including for his last his last 7 books).

As word has spread through HarperCollins HQ of our capabilities, we now work across a range of titles from Childrens Books to Young Adult and Adult Fiction too.

HarperCollins Showreel

A brief snapshot of some of the work I’ve led for HarperCollins.



A creative leader AND sleeve-roller-upper!



While my business card says ‘Digital Creative Director’, I’m a firm believer in leading by example and have remained a hands-on creative throughout my career working across entertainment, FMCG, technology, lifestyle and retail brands.

I design, animate and scribble every day and have extensive senior-level experience of:

- Web/Mobile design
- Animation/Video
- Games and interaction design
- Branding
- Illustration
- Print/POS

All design and animation showcased on this site is my own handiwork.


A small selection of past campaigns

A career's-worth of digital campaigns and content.

My agency Remo Creative's HTML games showreel

DOOH, social and print/POS content.

A digital campaign for Dove's Self Esteem Project.

Digital campaign content for multiple brands.

The UK military’s most successful digital recruitment campaign... ever.

A new website for the UK arm of China's animation and toy giant.

Branding, packaging and illustration/artwork a new brewery.

Content for Captive Media's unique in-bathroom advertising platform.

An interactive training game for an Intel installation.

An 'industry first' digital campaign for young THFC fans.

Numerous digital campaigns across various P&G brands.


Senior-level design skills with the experience of a Creative Director... it's a win-win!






Print / POS

WEB Interactive design, UX/UI across multiple screens.
WEB 2 Testing
GAMES HTML online games for desktop, tablet and mobile.
GAMES HTML online games for desktop, tablet and mobile.
ANIMATION Animation, video and motion graphics.
BRANDING Branding and logo design for products and companies.
ILLUSTRATION Illustration for animation, storyboarding and design.
PRINT / POS Design for print, POS and merchandise.
Disney A career's worth of digital campaings and content.
Remo Creative A showreel of online games made by my team and I at Remo Creative.
HarperCollins Digital and print/POS content for multiple campaigns for HarperCollins Cildrens books.
Dove An entire digital campaign for Dove's (then) new Self Esteem Project.
Alpha Toys A new website for the UK division of one of China's biggest animation and toy companies, Alpha Group.
Tottenham Hotspur FC A ground-breaking digital campaign for kids including characters, branding, site, games, advertising and DOOH.
Procter & Gamble Numerous digital campaigns across various P&G brands.
Creative Juices Branding, packaging and illustration/artwork for London's newest micro-brewery.
Coolabi Various digital campaigns and content across Coolabi brands Clangers, Purple Ronnie, Beast Quest, Scream Street, Poppy Cat and more.
Captive Media Games, quizes and polls for Captive Media's unique in-bathroom advertising platform.
The Royal Air Force Driving online recruitment by over 200%, 'Brain Ops' was the UK military’s most successful digital recruitment campaign ever.
INTEL An interactive training game for an Intel installation.